At Propagate Interactive Technologies, we embrace the philosophy that
"the deeper the understanding, the simpler everything becomes". Our work sees us constantly thin-slicing complexities while developing Sleek+Elegant systems, building cool cloud computing web products, and dabbling in creative Design+Branding. We also provide in-depth analytics + consultancy services, and host + optimise websites.


Propagate Interactive Technologies was founded by Steven Chew and Hento Ong with a vision of creating "Technologies that work seamlessly".

With significant years of experiences shared between them, they observed that the industry tends to overlook the most important aspect when building systems - the human perception factor.

Combining their expertise to create a positive impact for businesses seeking computing solutions, Propagate was created on the philosophy that "Everything can be simplified". Hence, instead of building highly complicated systems that hinders business processes, Propagate seeks to develop sleek and elegant systems that possess self-learning capabilities and are easy to use.

The deeper the understanding, the simpler everything should become.








Whatever we can do, the most important aspect is YOU. You must have the initiative and desire to bring about positive changes in your organisation.

Regardless of your organisation’s structure, business model, or current IT investment, Propagate seeks to constantly invoke and challenge your business’s technology potential. We always build for growth, and believe that every idea has unlimited long term potential instead of being just "one-off" projects.

We are here to help you recognise both immediate and long term rewards. Such as:
► Cost savings
► Improved and simplified work process
► Easy to use and scalable systems


The following are some of our clients we had the privilege to work with and collaborate together to improve their businesses.

Zouk Club Financial Alliance
Oasis Singapore Mode Hair Gallery
Table at 7 Kush Crystals

A brief company write up is avaliable for download here (PDF format).

A collection of our features in the news media is also avaliable here (ZIP file \ PDFs).



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